Life in its own way to so called heaven…..

I would like to dedicate my first blog to all those readers who really believe in making their life worth living and enjoying evrything of it… And i never took any interest in so called blogging, but juz as my friend told trying to pen down my thoughts to share with all of those who read

Live life in such a way dat der is no space for regret,

Love sum1 so much dat der is no space  4 hatred,

Make urself so happy dat der is no space 4 unhappiness,

Make urself so strong dat u never become a creeper,

Live life as a open book so der is no space 4 secrets,

Belev in urself so much dat u dnt hav to belev others,

Forget ur past and live in present bcos u nvr know dat

Wat u always wanted in life and for vich u r running

Is already encrypted in ur destiny.

Give ur best and live d rest, bcoz everything u want is not always fulfilled

May be destiny has something better for u.

Be practical in life and nevr xpect nething frm ne1 cos lyfe itself is unexpected

And u nevr know wen d  angel  will take u in its sweet arms.

So complete everything as fast as u can bcos u nevr know

Wether u r there or no, but while sleeping forever der should be nothing

In your mind vich remained unsaid or undone vich may lead you to come back in dis world

Of mysteries wer u again start a life with desires,expectations,feelings  and emotions vich are

Being hurt so much dat one fine day u lose ur existence…………………………….cos den tears may also betray u….leaving a strange feeling vich will nor let u live nor die………….

While leaving dis world c dat u haven’t shattered ne1s expectations, nevr hurt ne1 or never cheated ne1 ………and make a place in heaven.

Last but not d least live your life in such a positive way dat u nevr cry bt d world cry wen u go on 4 shoulders……………..and let ur life  salute u and say dat u were really great  and did justice to me………….and let d life cry for u instead of u crying for life………and finally ur journey will come to an end and u will arrive at ur destination called HEAVEN  where ur soul may rest in peace…………FOREVER



2 thoughts on “Life in its own way to so called heaven…..

  1. this is super inspirational…lovely article…m so happy that u hav finally started giving tangible form to ur thoughts…keep going…all the best 🙂 waiting for more 😀

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