Life in its own way to so called heaven…..

Live life in such a way that there is no space for regret,
Love someone so much that there is no space for hatred,
Make yourself so happy that there is no space for unhappiness. Make yourself so strong that you never become a creeper.Live life as an open book so there is no space for secrets. Believe so much in yourself that you don’t have to rely on others.

Love All and Hate None

Learn from your past and live in the present because you never know that what you always wanted in life and for which you are running now, is already encrypted in ur Destiny.Give your best and leave the rest, because everything you want is not always fulfilled. Maybe destiny has something better for you.

Be true to all and never expect anything because life itself is unexpected.You never know when “THE ANGEL” will take you in its sweet arms.

So finish everything  you desire as fast as you can because you never know if tomorrow you will wake up or no.
But while you sleep forever there should be nothing in your mind which remained unsaid or undone. This may lead you to come back in this world of mysteries where you again start a life with desires, expectations, feelings and emotions which are being hurt so much that one fine day even tears betray you, leaving a strange feeling which neither let you live nor die.

While leaving this world see that you haven’t shattered anyone expectations or cheated anyone. Last but not the least live your life in such a positive way that you never cry but the world cries wen you go on  “Four Shoulders”

Let your life salute you and say that, “You were really great and did justice to me”. Let the death crave to see you alive instead of you crying for life.

And finally your journey will come to an end and you will arrive at your FINAL destination called HEAVEN where your soul may rest in peace…FOREVER….!!

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2 thoughts on “Life in its own way to so called heaven…..

  1. this is super inspirational…lovely article…m so happy that u hav finally started giving tangible form to ur thoughts…keep going…all the best 🙂 waiting for more 😀

    1. Thanks, but i am not yet used to this blogging. Slowly ,will learn from you guys. 🙂

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